Replies should be able to utilize "Notify"

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“Notify” is such an underrated feature. Why does it only work with topics? I think it should work with replies too.

I’ve participated in many Discourse communities over the past five years or so. In that span of time, I’ve only ever seen “Notify” be used a few times. It’s often neglected and most users don’t seem to know that it even exists. When it does actually happen to be used by a user, it usually results in a lot of confusion from the recipient who is clueless and ends up asking what it is.

I think that expanding the use cases of “Notify” would really help bring it into the spotlight. Currently, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of a topic and click on the “Share” button to actually find it. Most people don’t seem to use that button and instead use the “Share” button that can be found in the original post. For whatever reason, “Notify” doesn’t even show up when you click on that button. Even if that was “fixed” per se, I still think that “Notify” should be able to work with replies.

Also, what about a dedicated button for “Notify” next to the “Share” button or something like that? Maybe through a #plugin instead? :thinking:

I hope I’ve made my point clear! Thank you! :blush:


I think it makes sense to expand notify into this dialog in core.

share post dialog

Seems a bit arbitrary to allow it on share topic but not on post:

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Yeah, that’s part of what I wanted to be “fixed” per se. :slight_smile: