Notify me of likes received starting from N likes, or switch off entirely (personal user setting)

(Anton) #1

These “received like” notifications are sometimes tiring.

Currently, I only get a notification upon receiving a first like. Achieving a single like for a message is not really interesting. It is often given by the same person with which you’re talking in the topic, and you just ping-pong likes to each other, sometimes without thinking too much whether you should click the heart icon really or not.

It might be interesting to try out a personal setting that would allow me to switch off “received like” notifications entirely, or show them to me starting from N likes. I’d try N = 2 or 3 to improve my experience.

Getting a notification for a single like is pretty engaging for novices, but when you live with the forum for a year or two, you may lose your interest in seeing those “first like” notifications. It means, well, not so much anymore. That’s why the proposed way to do it is via personal settings rather than a site-wide setting.

… and if you’re a really great write and often receive multiple likes, more then 10, then you’d probably switch this notification at all and just get notified upon receiving a “good topic” or a “good post” badge (10x likes).

(Sam Saffron) #2

You realize you already have 4 options… I am not going to add any more here any time soon.

You can do N=3 with a custom badge if you must.

(Dean Taylor) #3

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(Anton) #4

Thank you all for the screenshot and the link, I didn’t know about this feature.

N=3 badge sounds as an easy workaround though.

(Sam Saffron) #5

There is a gap in the badge, in that it does not display the title of the topic, I do want to get that sorted though at some point.

(Jeff Atwood) #6