Users not getting notification for every Like on replies

Is there a setting involved here to make sure users get notifications for every single like? Or is this a bug?

It would get mighty loud to get a notification for every like, especially when you post something popular and get 20 likes.

We always notify on first like though. You also get a notification when you get a huge number of likes via a badge.


Our forum is still pretty slow, and the likes are a primary source of engagement.

Is it possible to monkeypatch our way around this, until it becomes an issue?

Simplest thing to do that would not require much changes would be to add a badges for 2-3-4 likes for the time being cause it would require no special monkey patches.

Its very simple to add you can use the existing “Nice Post” and “Nice Topic” badges as a pattern.

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@sam thanks again. I implemented this feature and it does bridge the gap a bit, but it’s missing the best part about the notification which is seeing who likes your post right within the notification dropdown.

I think it would be great to have an option to get every like. On our old forum, our users never complained about getting notifications for every like - they say this is a huge incentive for them to get back on a site.

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We’ve had more complaints from our users on this. As stated before, email notifications for likes are a major driver of traffic back to our site which is still small. Our engagement has dropped (# of posts, visits) since we made the switch from our Ruby on Rails forum, and we think this is the major reason why. I’d love to confirm now that we have a 1 month baseline.

(Note: I’m a bit puzzled by why this isn’t in the control of admins. If our forum takes off and have the problem of too much engagement, it’d be a nice problem to have. We’re paying for added email notifications, so why not let the admins decide if it’s worth it?)

This is now complete per:

You can be notified always, first time only or first time and daily.

I agree that our default was a bit too quiet.

Feel free to turn up the :sound: