Only notified for first like

If I write a post, I get a notification when somebody likes it.
This is something I like, you know, I like to be liked ! :smiley:

But… for the second, third, fourth like, I don’t get a notification anymore.
I may sound a little childish, but I would like to get a notification for that as well.

I’m not sure if this is on purpose or if this is an bug. But I would tell you my observation.

  • I start a topic, and I get a like, and I see a notification
  • some more posts happen in that forum
  • couple of minutes later, I see that my topic got 4 likes, but I never got a notification for that

I believe @riking had a PR for additional notifications at likes 5, 10, 20 etc.

This might be obviated by the badge system though as you would get badges for those kind of thresholds.

Nah, I tried to code it, then couldn’t figure out all the observer logic and gave up :frowning:

I think badges are a better fit, when you get 10-15 likes you will get a badge.

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Right or wrong, I think without notifications for each like, discourse will be battling against some expectations set by many other apps that have an analogous feature.

Just something to consider…


I have been wondering about this as well. Why do you only get notification from the first like? If you are worried that likes would fill the notifications list, they could be condense into one line like this: “heart_symbol user1, user2 and 4 others topic title” or even “heart_symbol 5 people topic title”


But in a small community, getting 10~15 likes is not easy. Especially for communities in their early stage.

I like this idea. Similar to Facebook?


Let admins have a control of likes notification threshold. :grinning:

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You have this with custom badges.

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This is now complete per:

You can be notified always, first time only or first time and daily.