Notify OP and answerer if staff accepts an answer

Thanks @jomaxro.

@sam (maintainer?) - this seems like only half the “expected” functionality of a plugin like this?

If User 1 asks a question, User 2 answers it and Admin 1 marks User 2’s post as the solution; then surely both User 1 (OP) and User 2 (‘solver’) should get the notification?

User 1 (OP) is currently not notified that a solution has been found to their question in the above scenario?

Perhaps this is more edge case than I realise?

I think it is. On boards I use, admins don’t usually accept answers and wait for the OP. If the topic is done, and the OP doesn’t accept any answer the moderator would close the topic instead of selecting an answer.


While I agree with @Falco that this is likely edge case-y, I think it would be a very nice feature if implemented. Different sites interact differently, so I would assume that more sites than @twbartlett have staff marking answers and could use this (no data to back me up here…).

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I think it is ok to notify the op in this rare case, should be a site setting for the plugin