Notify a question's author with request to choose and mark a solution

I see the feature in the Lithium Forums software: it send a letter to a question’s author in a week after the question to engage him to choose a solution:

Your topic recently received a reply.
Topic: …
Date: …
Did it solve your problem?
Click here to view the reply and mark one as an Accepted Solution.
This helps others find helpful answers in the community too!


As I just said here, it might be very effective:

Any thoughts about it? Just looking through the support category, I can notice that just 20 topics of 100 are checked as resolved. Is it a real stat? Or it’s only that OP doesn’t remind to check topic as solved?

I don’t know, I view the “accepted answer” as a “nice to have” as opposed to a “every loop in the system must be closed”

Bugging people with email is a two edged sword, it may be effective, it may cause them to devalue emails from Discourse.

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Yes, but simply people don’t remind to check or answer and confirm the solution. Often I have to mention them requesting their attention :slightly_smiling:

This is also a huge problem for us. If people aren’t accustomed to participating in Q&A communities like SO, for example, it doesn’t occur naturally to them that there’s any value in marking a reply as the Accepted Answer.

We could reply to the topic but that would only unnecessarily bump it. We could send a private message but that’s harder to track and people other than the poster won’t get any education that they too should accept answers.


Currenlty I MUST re-read the entire support topic checking the right answer and using admin’s powers!

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@bekicot submitted a PR for this:


How about a Forum reminder instead (without an email)?


That sounds better to me and less intrusive, it is #pr-welcome so :wink:


Closed in favour of Automate reminders to mark solutions