Number of Subcategories

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This is my second time posting and after a really helpful discussion with other members, I’d like to once again ask a question regarding my nonprofit’s new forum. We are trying to create a space for makers to talk about COVID and share resources. We were toying around with the idea of hierarchies in a general resources category and I wanted to know if you can created subcategories in subcategories. Please see below for an example.

TL;DR: I want to do Option 2, but is that possible?


Also I tried on my self-hosted forum and it is not possible; I have an error message if I try to do so:

You can't nest a subcategory under another


At present I believe three level categories is only being used for enterprise customers. It definitely introduces a world of noise and complexity that most communities just aren’t ready for.

Could you achieve similar depth using tags?


Hi @Stephen and @Canapin thanks for your replies.

We are not using enterprise at the moment. We tossed around the idea of tags as a filtering method and topics, if need be this is what we will do. It would have just been nicer for our info organization to have that capability.

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Do you have lots of content that people do not want to see? If not, you’re just making work.

I believe that there is a hidden site setting that needs to be enabled to turn them on.

I’ve found a really nice solution to alleviate at least some of the strain on categories is to see if you can use groups. Have you tried setting up groups yet? It is a literal work in progress, but you can see our current use of groups and steal ideas.

I’m hoping it’s called tenth_circle_of_hell