Number of topics not showing beside categories in category dropdown


The number of topics beside categories in category dropdown is not showing up.

I even tried changing the category style but it doesn’t work. Is there any setting that I need to change?


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I can’t think of any reason the counts would not be appearing. Likely something in your local site CSS is hiding it? Use f12 to examine the HTML elements and see.

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@codinghorror I used Inspect Element and found that the HTML element for topic count is totally missing.

These are my site’s elements:

I compared it to this community’s elements and found this extra one that my site is missing:

What could be the reason?

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We really can’t think of any reason this would happen. Are you using any third-party plugins?


I’m using just one plugin:

And I’m using this component as well:

Any response? Anyone?

I was facing the same situation in my instance, the issue being the category icons theme component, as it replaces the default renderer with the custom one that shows the icon beside the category name.

I’ve just submitted a pull request that fixes it by mirroring the default renderer’s way of showing the topic count and I installed my fork of the theme component in my instance to restore the default behavior while/if the pull request isn’t accepted.


@renato thanks for the clarification. Should I just update the Category Icons theme component after the pull request is approved, or do I need to install your fork for that?

PS: I’m not very good with these techincal terms

If you can wait, the safest path is updating the theme component once the change is approved :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the PR @renato, it works great and is now merged.

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