Number on the side of categories showing number of topics made in the past week isn't correct


I noticed an odd thing on a forum I am a TL3 recently. In a private category I can see, the number shows that 13 topics were created in the past week.

Do note I deleted the category name/info so I don’t leak anything I shouldn’t as it’s a private category. The names are the only thing I changed in the Chrome inspect tool.

When I opened this category, however, there are only 2 topics created in the last month. “Pinned Topic” and “Topic #3” were not created in the last month, but had a reply to them. None in the past week.

There are other sub-categories in “Private Category” that I do not have access to that may have had topics created in the past week. Does that counter next to the category include topics in sub-categories you cannot see?

Again note that those are not the category/topic names I showed in the screenshots. I am just redacting them via the Chrome Inspect Tool so I don’t leak anything I shouldn’t see.

If this is a bug, let me know and I can move it!

Cheers! :airplane:

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I just tested this on my forum and here are the results:
I created a category that had access to staff and TL3, and then a sub-category for staff only.

I created one topic using the TL3 category with a test account, then three with my main admin account. Results below.

This is what is on the TL3 side who can see the parent category, but not the private subcategory:


Here is what it looks like on the staff/admin side:

And after asking @JammyDodger I have moved this to bug :slight_smile: Have a great weekend!