Odd behavior between different environments

Hi all we are encountering a strange issue between our Discourse environments.

We have 3 different Discourse test environments. Let’s call them:


  • Hosted on AWS
  • All 3 share the same redis server and same RDS postgres instance with separate DBs and separate EC2 instances

Problem encountered:

  • I log into A.domain.com and B.domain.com as “administrator” in different Chrome windows
  • I log out of A.domain.com
  • B.domain.com immediately shows that I’ve been logged out and to refresh!
  • After refreshing I’m still logged into B.domain.com, and logged out of A.domain.com
  • I’ve also tested with A & C, or B & C with same result
  • We’ve also tested this on different devices with same result

We are very concerned something is sharing our configs, etc and will cause issues as we migrate to our production environment, or its just a weird browser notification thing.

Any thoughts on what may be causing this? :thinking:

Thanks in advance!

Are you 100% sure that every site is connecting to a different redis instance?


They are all sharing the same redis instance. Are we required to have separate instances/servers?

Yes, absolutely, this is a must


Ok. I guess we misread on some AWS install documentation. Let us try that and we will get back to you.

That was it. Thanks guys.

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