Official BBCode Plugin Unexpected Behavior

Some of this may be intended, some may be unavoidable, but it’s possible some of this could be fixable? Either way, it’s not in line with BBCode on other forum software.

First off, the [size] tags are super discretized - there are only 7 sizes, as seen here:


Entirely possible that’s a limitation of Discourse, and if so, fine, but still not ideal especially when it’s a very nonlinear scale - the jump from 3 to 4 is minuscule, while the jump from 6 to 7 is huge. If there is some way to offer more granular or at least more consistent sizes (such as size=“10px”, which currently would just give size=10 which is equal to size=7 in real-world size), that would be super helpful to have.

Secondarily, transparent text doesn’t seem to work on mobile? Possible this is a browser issue, not a mobile issue, but either way it makes including whitespace via transparency much harder. If this isn’t a known issue, I’m more than happy trying out a few different browsers and devices to help gather more info, but I can’t imagine my phone’s browser just doesn’t support transparent text - seems crazy.

Thanks much for the support!

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