More formatting bugs with font size refactor

Hello! A few days ago, me and @JonnyGamer submitted a bug report regarding “topic nuking”. Discourse fixed this really fast, but now, there are a few more bugs that @JonnyGamer and some others has found at

Firstly, I have no idea whether these bugs are because of the configuration as I don’t are an admin, and if this isn’t a general software bug, you could just close the topic, I don’t mind.

The first bug can happen if you repeat the code (any letter)<big><small><sub>. This will cause posts to break like in this example topic:

The second bug kind of breaks the tag system. I’ll quote @JonnyGamer’s “bug report”:

When writing tags for your topic, write one of them as: ﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽
﷽ is the widest unicode character that fits into the forum. And since you are only allowed to have a tag be at max 20 characters, “﷽” is the widest for this form.

He also included a screenshot:

Once again, all credit goes to @JonnyGamer and anyone else involved in finding these bugs.

These are the bugs I consider as the most important ones, but there are a few more reported here:
Some bugs that I didn’t write about here that are in the topic above are due to configuration bugs in the forum itself, like the fact that words starting with f and ending with k are getting censored.

To reach the topic above, you have to be Regular on The Hopscotch Forum. I think that @techAPJ already have a leader account there, so he/she might be able to see and get more information about those bugs.

I hope that you at Discourse can fix this!


Awesome topic! Thanks!

Yeah, we are learning of new bugs/glitches each day! Here is something else that I found interesting:

K👌 K👌 K👌 K👌 K👌 K👌 K👌 K👌 K👌 K👌 K👌 K👌


Quoting gets really wonky, too :/


Last bug of all with this interesting idea:

When you add an <s> before the text, you get these weird bars in between each slashed word:

K👌 K👌 K👌 K👌 K👌 K👌 K👌 K👌 K👌 K👌 K👌


Thanks for reporting these, the tag name exploit was definitely the worst one because it broke the page layout for everyone. I also fixed some of the issues with the big/small/sup/sub tags, so once Discourse is updated those won’t cause any more problems.


This one is not a bug. <s> is intended to create a strikethrough - a line through the words. It’s typically used to clearly show that something has been changed, like a tyop typo.


Okay - that’s great! Thank you for fixing those bugs!

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Ok, thank you!
You might have seen this post after they fixed the bug. It originally looked like this:

There are weird bars in between of each slashed “k :ok_hand:


That’s not too weird: there’s a space between each “k :ok_hand:”, and the <s> creates a strikethrough, so the bar is a strikethrough on a space. And since the space is outside of the <sub> tags, the space is higher than the text that comes after it.


Ah, ok, that makes sense (Still kid of weirded me out when I saw it first :joy:)


Found another weird bug:

  • ksksksksksksksk
  • :black_medium_square::black_medium_square::black_medium_square::black_medium_square::black_medium_square:
  • jajajajkajak

Hmmm, on the discourse, it is a-ok




Even weirder:


By the way: I’ve noticed that someone changed the tag style inside text fields. I really don’t like it. The old style has more white space on top and bottom. On the right and left side, I’m missing a little bit of grey space. It’s very irritating if tags are displayed on different ways :wink:

Sometimes I wish, there are more settings / style options for tags :wink:

Update: Here is a second issue at the category page with the bullet point style:



Apparently this regression only happened recently. I upgrade to latest version and it starts showing up.


Right, this is actually unrelated to font changes. It turns out that tags had no max-width restrictions, which allowed someone to break the layout of pages by making tags with characters like: ﷽. Now tags that are too long are truncated with CSS, and adding the ability to truncate caused some alignment changes.

@terraboss @schungx I’ll take a look at the bullet/box tag styles now and make sure those alignment issues are fixed.


I found another bug with font sizes <sub>, but I ask you not to fix it because it’s really cool. With this glitch, you are able to overlap characters to create some interesting designs:

Now you can make little guys:

- -
, ,

( • •


^ )

I personally think it’s really cool, but it also allows weird stuff like this:

Hello hello hello
Test test test test



@awesomerobot is there anything else we need to do here? or should we close?

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This is all set. The remaining items are weird things to do that really only break your own text.