Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso)


(Karl Romanowski) #405

Bit of an odd case here, I want to use Discourse SSO but my site doesn’t collect emails. Is there a way to send the username and name to Discourse, but then have Discourse collect and validate the email? Otherwise I can just create a page that collects and validates emails before redirecting back to Discourse.

(Blake Erickson) #406

I’m pretty sure “email” is a required field, so you have to pass in a dummy email, and then you can set require_activation to “true”:

I’m not sure what happens at this point though. They might not be able to log in without a valid email first. But if they can login, they can then reset the dummy email to a valid email. But I’m not even sure if that is possible because I think we send an email confirmation to the old email before changing it, but that might be just for admins. Anways, you might just have to try it on a test setup and see what happens.

(Kane York) #407

Another option is to implement it as an oauth2 basic/custom provider instead; if it’s the only enabled login method you get a similar (but slightly different) experience.

(Your provided usernames & avatars will not be enforced, cannot use sync_sso, invites will be enabled…)

(Sam Saffron) #408

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If you want any help or support post a #dev:sso topic

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