Old TYPO3 Forum - Migration to discourse

Hello all,

I am looking for a very good discourse developer who can create a migration from an old TYPO3 forum to a new discourse forum.

The old forum is programmed on MySQL and PHP.

I can send you a link and a detailed description via direct message.

Who could create and implement such a forum migration for me?

Thank you very much, Basti

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I have done a lot of migrations, send me a PM with details and I’ll get back to you (with a quote - Maybe this belongs in #marketplace ?)

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mh, i cant send you a PM :frowning:
How can i send you a PM ?

I’ve done a few migrations too. Please see Migrate to Discourse Discussion Platform from your current formum software.

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thanks, have filled out the form and sent it to you

Just use our contact form as well, that would be easiest. Contact Us - Communiteq

We offer full GDPR / BDSG compliance since we’re based in the Netherlands.


thanks, i send it to you

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