Once chat is disabled, it cannot be enabled any more

Once you uncheck user preferences → chat → enable chat, it cannot be turned back on again.

Discourse: Latest tests-passed 9ddd1f739e4b8fdf59305326b12d61527a453699
Chat plugin: 6c2c1b638e7d64df4580c1c4b1766c7cbbd66660



@martin can you have a quick look :eyes:


I’ve tried to reproduce this locally with latest chat and latest tests-passed and I can’t for an admin user or for a regular user. After I refresh the page everything is still there and I can re-enable it.

Do you see any errors in the Developer console in Chrome? Do you have any further details about the type of user etc.?

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I see the problem now, it wasn’t obvious to me from the gif in your PR but I can now reproduce:

  1. Uncheck the box and click save on the profile
  2. Refresh and see there is no chat
  3. Re-check the box and click save
  4. Refresh and see there is no chat and the box is still unchecked

Should be an easy fix.

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This has been fixed in this PR: