Chat button on user card when user does not allow chat

When I open the usercard on /latest, there is no chat button
But when I open it inside a topic there is a chat button though I’m still not allowed to send a chat message.


I can’t reproduce this. Now I see chat on nearly everyone in both /latest and in topics. The two exceptions I’ve found are:

For testing purposes, I’ve disabled chat for myself. Does that remove the button for you when you look at my profile?

  1. I have a Message button for everyone else that I’ve checked. Not sure what’s happening there. Kris doesn’t have either button anywhere that I can see. ↩︎

I still see both buttons for you within topics, as well as on /latest.

It does not. I can still send you a chat message.

I think you would have to use the setting at to disallow users sending you a message

@Moin What theme are you using by chance that it’s a theme issue?

Maybe caching? I noticed the chat icon disappeared shortly after I replied to your chat message.

High contrast light, meta branded depending on the device. But at both @awesomerobot does not have a chat button on the usercard at /latest or the mention here. But the button is visible for example when I click the profile picture here: DiscoTOC - automatic table of contents - #424 by awesomerobot

I used an incognito tab, logged in and still chat buttons on all your usercards

I think that toggle disables your chat, but doesn’t prevent you from getting new messages (Which seems like a separate issue)

Interesting, that’s certainly reproducible regardless of your theme. (I tried like 3)

I think it depends on the filter option on the usercard. But I did not check. (Same problem now as 2 days ago, it’s past midnight and sleeping is preferred to checking)

That’s indeed right, this post by robot (his only in that topic) doesn’t have the chat option: