One Discourse instance, Two Blogs?

Hi, folks. I’m willing to dig in and try to do this myself, but if someone told me “Don’t bother trying; it won’t end well”, then I’d be grateful for avoiding the pain.

I have two very-low-traffic blogs, A and B. I’m using Discourse for comments on A, but still using Disqus for comments on B. I’d like to use Discourse for both, but it’s really not worth even the mild administrative headache to maintain a separate Discourse instance for B. It is feasible to use a single Discourse instance to host the comments for both A and B? I might, for example, just give each blog its own default Discourse category in order to keep them separate. I certainly don’t mind having commenters from both blogs in the same Discourse site.

Will it blend? Would it suck?

I would suggest and It will be easier to have 2 different instances.

I’m using same discourse for sites. But that forum is type general anyway, not serving only narrow niche.

That should work just fine! If you are adding comments using Embedding Discourse Comments via Javascript, you can set each blog category on /admin/customize/embedding