One status tag per topic

Over on the Ghost forum they’ve started tagging certain feature ideas with “planned”, “in progress” etc.

This is a feature I’ve wanted in #plugin:voting for a long time. It’s a common convention in other feature voting platforms such as UserVoice. Seems like we should be able to build this on top of our tag groups.

  • Only one “status tag” can be allowed per topic in a voting category. We don’t want a topic to be tagged with “in-progress” as well as “closed”.

  • These tags should be staff-specific by default.

  • Ideally we’d hide the standard tags selector and instead show a dedicated drop-down for the default status tags, similar to what we do at CarTalk

  • Optional: Changing the tag should send a notification to anyone who’s tracking the topic. If you’re eagerly awaiting a feature you’ll want to know when it goes from “planned” to “in-progress”. UserVoice also does this.


We also use tags for our suggestions:

Any chance we could sneak in the ability to lock voting when certain tags are applied, so that people can no longer vote for the topic, and get the votes back? At present, you have to close the topic to do that, which tends to break conversations. We work around this by creating another post in a dedicated “feature feedback” category, and linking to it, but it’s all manual work and doesn’t feel great. :slight_smile:


Typically there are two fields in an Ideation environment.

  • Status - I agree this is essential (ex: New, Reviewing, Planned, Delivered, Unplanned). The status needs to be able to be seen by everyone but managed by staff. If you want to be an Intranet then you will need to be able to have more flexibility in the edit group. You may want to make it so that a group is identified in a specific category as vote curators (we might not want to staff-up everyone).
  • Type - I think we would also need to break up the ideas into types. (ex.Feature, Improvement, Feedback, Use Case, product etc…)

If we need to we could break up types into their own categories but that is not always ideal for participation. but it would work. The editing rights for the status would be a must have so that people do not mess with the status (because they will).


The status stuff can be done today with tag groups, just define one and demand only one tag can be applied in the group and limit to staff


Have done that. I also made atag group for type. It is not the most elegant but it will work.


Has anybody succeeded in using tags together with sorting by votes? I’d love to have the tags as status filter as well but still need to be able to sort by vote count. As soon as a tag filter is applied in the category view, the “Votes” button disappears, so the result looks like this:


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