Onebox and shortened links

I’m using custom shortened links with my site for two reasons; to easily track link clicks through the dashboard and for branding purposes on social media.

For reference my site is EVOwners and my custom domain shortlink begins with

I wanted to use this within my Discourse forum and added to the Onebox settings. However I assume because this shortened link redirects to the real link, Onebox has trouble picking up any information from it.

Would it be possible for Onebox to be compatible with shortened links at any point in the future? I realise you guys are extremely busy and this wouldn’t be a priority, I just thought I’d suggest it as a potential Onebox enhancement for the future.

you could do that with a plugin. It shouldn’t be that hard to have those links expanded before the one box code gets called.

From the last time I’ve read onebox code it followed up to five redirects so it should work already. Do you have any working link so I can take a peek?