Onebox for Instagram

I have a problem with onebox for Instagram, the links are not displayed.

Has there been any change in the facebook app? I’m missing something? The onebox config in admin seems to be ok.

Is this working as expected?

Hiya @undasein. :wave:

Getting Instagram to work correctly requires a bit of setup involving configuring it to work with Facebook.

There is a guide at Instagram and Facebook oEmbed API to stop working, what about Onebox? - #9 by jamie.wilson, and then subsequent discussion that may help you. :slight_smile:


Wow, looks a little bit tricky…

After reading and trying to understand everything, I have managed to send the app for review. But it is not simple at all.

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Agreed: it is not simple, just to embed some photos! I worked through the guide yesterday, and pieced together that Facebook had moved their oEmbed product/feature from the default set to one that requires it be “requested”, which of course involves submitting the app for review… :weary:

Let us know how it goes once your app is reviewed, and we’ll update the guide to include all the steps. :sunglasses:

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App approved and onebox working :smiley:

I have followed the indications and have complemented them with what is discussed here.