Onebox language

Just testing here… I’m sure there is documentation on this somewhere, just curious about the language switch.

Added link here:

Link added on my forum:

Ok, looks ok here. Maybe I explain this topic…

A user posted some FB links on my forum but they popped up as German versions. Getting a “login request” as the link is bad enough but getting it in the wrong language is worse.

Don’t think I’ve seen this problem happen before. Haven’t updated Discourse for months either. Bad flu so will dig into this later…

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Please use for testing.


Yeah, didn’t even have to post to see the difference in the preview to the right. Searching for “url link” stuff didn’t show me an easy why, so just wrote an entire post in the same go and let it fly.

So would the reason be that this is some Onebox stuff and Facebook has a messed up “OpenGraph” or “oEmbed” tag? Or is this something the actual site you visit has to do and Facebook just pops the login back anyway? Basically I’m just asking if this could be an Onebox bug where the algorithm for some reason uses the incorrect language?

Ok, flu, slow brain, should stop posting for tonight, does not improve things :smiley: , sorry.

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Is your server located in Germany?


Well, it’s under DigitalOcean somewhere and most of the time it’s in Frankfurt so yes ( For some reason one lookup now shows Australia :slight_smile: .

Checked the Facebook page which has oEmbed but still, why would two pages out of a lot end up as German.

I like when things are deterministic :smiley: .


Any workaround to avoid this? I’d like to have English only in Facebook’s oneboxes instead of Finnish…


My server is in Germany, my forums are in Spanish, and the links appear to me in what I think is Russian :thinking:

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