Onebox links result in large image downloads

When sharing a link to a news story (for example), an image is downloaded to the forum per the setting I have download remote images to local. Within the post, the image appears small to fit within the layout, but the downloaded image can be huge. Both in file size and dimension.

Is there a way to change this?

I love dropping links into the window to share, but not at the expense of the files downloaded.

Here are some examples:

3000x2060 = 213kb

4928x3280 = 1.4mb

It looks like both the AP and Fox recently swapped over to webp, prior it was .jpg with much larger file sizes. By the way max image size kb is default at 4096.

I’m not sure I get your issue. If I right-click on the thumbnail from your oneboxes to open it in a new tab, I get a fairly small picture, both in dimensions and size:

The original image (<meta data-rh="true" property="og:image" content="">, however, is quite large indeed:

So, it seems properly resized and compressed by Discourse when it downloads the remote image.

Be aware that, as far as I know, there can be a wait of a few minutes before the image is downloaded by Discourse.

Thanks for the response.

I right-clicked and downloaded the image, and provided those specs in my post. So no, I didn’t wait. Repeating that same process right now, I do see they are 690x460. So there was the waiting aspect you mentioned.

However, I posted the second link on my own forum back in October. The Supreme Court (SC) image from that link is sitting in my install at 2.4MB and 4928x3280. I’ve noticed this for several of these Onebox links. Most of them download at the 690x460 though.

For some reason, they were downloaded to the forum, but were not resized and compressed.

How would a guy make that happen for the ones that got away?