Why some images aren't automatically downloaded?

For some images, I notice Discourse downloads a local copy. It doesn’t happen for some of them.
I observed in the same image from this Lightboxed images with giant filenames cause horizontal scroll

Its in google cdn:

What if the image is 3 gb? Should it be downloaded? That is one reason.

How does the setting “Retrieve images from remote URLs to insert the correct width and height dimensions” works? What triggers it?

I saw Discourse did it for some other image, and now I’m not sure what is the expected behavior. Is it the image size?

That’s automatically done for all posts after you submit it.

The “download remote images to local” setting is probably what you’re thinking about. It turns off automatically when there is less than 25% disk space left, and the admin must manually turn it back on (and change the % or free up disk space).

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I kinda replied here

The image you linked is a WebP file. Since it’s only supported by Chrome right now, we don’t even consider it an image.


After you mentioned it in the previous topic, I figured the playstore links a different format depending of the browser you’re on. I think I’m using the firefox version, and maybe its the lack of a extension in the filename.

Yeah, that too :slight_smile: We need the extension to be able to recognize it is an image.

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It’s good enough for me, I was not sure about the disk space tradeoff in my specific case.