Oneboxing for Tumblr looks off?

Hi I just noticed that oneboxed Tumblr links were looking a bit off?

Link without any pictures in it, shows the first post in a thread, which is fair.

Link with a picture in only shows the picture and nothing else, not even a link?
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Does that need something updating?

I’ve checked this on, here and my own forum and it’s the same behaviour.

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Hey! I was able to replicate this too. Here are the steps I took:

  1. I opened any category and either created a new topic or replied to an existing one.
  2. I copy/pasted a link from a text only Tumbler post.
    It was able to generate a preview to the text and a hyperlink
  3. I copy/pasted a link to only an image
    The image was the only thing that appeared after posting it and there was no link to Tumblr