Online User API?


So I was looking at the api documentation, and was wondering if there was a way for normal users (non-administrative), to contact the api and make postings or reply. Reason being, I wanted to create a bot that auto-posts when a certain event happens (probably a github commit), but I don’t own the forum this posting would be on… Is it possible to do what I’ve described without administrative privilege?

Thanks for any help provided,

(Mittineague) #2

Hi Socratic_Phoenix welcome to the forum

As long as the Admin gives you an API key to authenticate with I don’t see why not.

You don’t need to be an Admin, you do need a valid key.

(Felix Freiberger) #3

You can also authenticate using cookies. The normal Discourse web app uses the API itself – anything that you can do manually through the web app can be done using the API.

Of course, asking the admin for an API key is still a good idea: It makes sure they are okay with what you do, and it will exempt you from certain rate limits.