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How can i change my user into admin user ?

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Only admins can make other users admin. So if you aren’t an admin now you’ll have to ask one on your site.

Have a read of the documentation below :wink:

I don’t know who is admin. I have simply create my discourse account using email id. I want api keys of my account to use developer api of discourse.

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This doesn’t make a lot of sense? I’m afraid it’s not possible to make yourself admin of any forum you simply join up to as a member.

What are you trying to do?

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Did you start the forum? As in, were you the first member to set everything up?
You can check the admins under the /about page.


Hello @JammyDodger ,
Thanks for the reply.
I want to use this doc Discourse Docs but it requires api keys of my account and i don’t know how to get these so that i can use endpoint provided in developer docs.

Did you create the forum?

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