Only display group archive once you click on a group inbox

(Tobias Eigen) #1

We are starting to look at groups in our community, and can see that many of our users will be in 10+ groups. That each one has an archive directly under it will make for a very long, pontentially cluttered page. Suggest only showing the group archive once you have clicked on a group’s inbox, and maybe add a bit of vertical space between the first group and the personal message archive to differentiate them.

Comment from a member:

re: the archives, maybe we can put in a request for either of your solutions (i like having them only show when you click on a group inbox, that’s a good idea)! really clutters up the interface once you have more than a couple inboxes…and if we make good on our workstream=groups system, some people are going to have a lot of inboxes…

Watching group PMs by default
(Sam Saffron) #2

Yeah I support this, especially if there are a large number of groups. Maybe only show Archive if less than N groups, N being configurable via a site setting.

For 2 groups having it there is fine and useful