Separate inbox for group-related messages

We recently implemented several opt-in affinity groups on our site, and while our participants love these, our inboxes don’t! They quickly get inundated with “membership request for XXX” which makes finding regular communications tougher, and the chance of missing an actual communication highly likely.

In one group, we have more than 500 members… which means 500 individual messages to our inbox. And we have multiple groups of this nature.

This also means that if we handle pending requests all at once (get a message, go to the requests tab, and approve all available requests) there are still potentially dozens of unread messages. To clear these unreads, we must open each individual message, click topic controls (on mobile) or the archive button. That’s a LOT of clicks that are literally beginning to trigger my carpal tunnel when I attempt to manage my very-busy inbox.

We can bulk select and archive join request messages, but they still sit unread and are then suggested by the software as suggested messages… even though they are no longer linked to an active request.

This is what my archive current looks like… and there are THOUSANDS of these. I’ve had to manually mark every individual thread as read, even the ones I handled in a batch and thus didn’t need to read the individual message.


I would definitely like to support having these messages go to a “group” inbox.

Conceptually though the only clean way of doing this (I think) would be allowing a “group” to manage another group.

We could do something with tags today, but it is not ideal.


I very much second this request.