Only reply to PMs by email

(Chris Saenz) #1

I would like to enable PM replies by email without enabling email replies to regular discussions. Since the infrastructure is in place for email replies, I’m guessing this is an option that could be added pretty easily.

We don’t see many users trying to respond to regular topics via email. They get it… go back to the site, post your response there.

But when PM notifications show up with someone’s name in the title, plenty of non-savvy users will write a nice long (sometimes very private) email response, and fire it off… where it lands back in my inbox. Usually I’ll forward them on to the intended recipient via email.

I could train all my users to never reply via email. But the easier way to handle it would be to gracefully take the email and convert it to a PM, send a notification to the other party, who can then also respond via email.

AFAIK this function exists, but also enables email responses for the whole site. I’m asking for a PM-only option.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Why not just enable email replies in general? I am not really following here.

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

I’ve a client that wants the same. Emailed responses can have annoying signatures and other botched formatting. He’d like to disable reply-by-email. (I’m not entirely sure whether he cares about PMs, though).