Only "welcome to nginx" can be displayed after installation

I have installed docker with Ubuntu 18.04 and installed discover to run normally. However, only “welcome to nginx” can appear when accessing IP or domain name

I am a junior user, how should I proceed to the next step, thank you!

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This is probably due to the requests hitting the nginx on the host instead of the docker container.

Ensure that there’s no web server running on the host so the docker container can bind to port 80.

After you do so, what’s the output of: docker ps ?


Web server is not running on the host

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  ps ax|grep nginx

And then Google for how to remove it


Thank you for your reply. After I rechecked the app.yml file, I rebuilt it and allowed to access port 80. I can open the registration page:

The administrator account is created by rake admin:cearte, but there is no prompt when visiting the web page again, just a blank. How to change the next step has not been found a solution!

Thank you for your reply

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Once you have an admin account you can log in and run the wizard by going to https://SITE/wizard.

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