Open External Links in new tab by default - Not working?

(Vaping Community) #1

It was working but now I’m in Version 93b1829 it’s stopped working…


Still opens all links in the same tab.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

It does work, this only takes effect for accounts created after you changed the setting. It is not retroactive. It is a new default that is set at the time it is changed, and going forward in time, not backward.

(Vaping Community) #3

Ok, so it was working before I had to restore a backup (today), the setting has been on since the beginning, now it doesn’t work for those users but will work for new users?

Is there a reason why it can’t add the target dynamically?

Edit: Interestingly the link in question has target="_blank" :confused:

(Vaping Community) #4

Is it a possible Onebox problem, because my Onebox links are not going to a new TAB either.

Edit: I have to change my profile setting for it to work… I don’t get it but thanks.