Open External Links in new tab by default - Not working?

It was working but now I’m in Version 93b1829 it’s stopped working…


Still opens all links in the same tab.

It does work, this only takes effect for accounts created after you changed the setting. It is not retroactive. It is a new default that is set at the time it is changed, and going forward in time, not backward.


Ok, so it was working before I had to restore a backup (today), the setting has been on since the beginning, now it doesn’t work for those users but will work for new users?

Is there a reason why it can’t add the target dynamically?

Edit: Interestingly the link in question has target="_blank" :confused:

Is it a possible Onebox problem, because my Onebox links are not going to a new TAB either.

Edit: I have to change my profile setting for it to work… I don’t get it but thanks.