Default open external links in a new tab by default doesn't work?

After checked the box for “Open external links in a new tab by default” the system seems not to work. It does not open links from Discourse in new tab in Firefox/Ubuntu.

Any suggestions?

This will only work for logged in users at the current time though.

I tested being logged in and it seems it doesn’t work. I did tried on Chromium/Ubuntu as well and still doesn’t work. :-/ This feature is great (if works) as the users don’t have to leave the Discourse tab.

OK here is an external link

Nope can’t repro. In Chrome / Windows I set the user pref and that link opens in a new tab. Note that only NEW users will be affected by the setting you changed. I think that’s your misunderstanding. This global does not retroactively set every user’s pref, just NEW users created after you changed it.


Here is a screen recorder of it. Checking the box to open external links in new tab, refreshing the Discourse tab, and hit an external link.

But that Admin > Setting is for defaulting the user preference value (at new account creation). Go to your user preferences and see what your setting is set to.

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Thanks! Got it. However I consider that that preference should be set it “on” by default.

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And it will now that you set it in the Admin > Setting area for new users who sign up. It doesn’t retroactively affect existing users.

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