Open links in new tab not working



I have selected ‘open external links in a new tab’ in preferences but it does not work.

When a link is embedded in a comment and I click on it, the link is loaded within the iframe - it does not open a new tab.

All of the anchor tags have target="_blank" - but still they do not open in a new tab.

Can you help?


How to open hyperlinks in a new tab
(Sigurður Guðbrandsson) #2

Did you refresh (press F5) the page after you changed your preferences?

(Crackmacs) #3

There’s two settings for this.

Under Settings / Basic - “Open external links in a new tab. Users can change this in their preferences.”

I assume this setting is for non-registered users? Setting this ON in admin does NOT change anything for registered users.

You need to go into your own profile preferences and check off " Open all external links in a new tab".


Just saw the setting in user preferences for" Open all external links in a new tab".

This is currently defaulted to unchecked/off for new users.

Is there a way we can default this setting to checked/on for new users?

(Iolo) #5

This looks like the only solution I’ve found. It would have to be applied to the external_links_in_new_tab field instead.


Any news on this issue? It’s still there. It’s a bit strange that if you set a setting in your admin, it just applies for guests users and not for registered ones, registered users don’t have the option enabled on their profiles…

(cpradio) #7

What? I think you have it backwards, it doesn’t and has never applied to guests. The admin setting simply lets you setup a default for new users who register. It will not update the existing setting for existing users.

(Jeff Atwood) #8