Open new topic composer in a separate window

On the forum I maintain, I regularly post details of upcoming releases of our software. All of these follow the same pattern and structure. In the absence of post templates (which I think would be overkill), my process is to open an existing topic in one window, and a composer in another. To do this currently means I have to:

  1. Open a new browser window.
  2. Type or copy-paste the forum URL, or click a bookmark.
  3. Click the “new topic” button.
  4. (Generally) drag the composer up to full height.

I know that there’s the ability to craft a URL for this:

and I could set up a bookmark that I could then middle-click for a new tab or shift-click for a new window, but that’s not immediately intuitive.

Is it feasible to make the “new topic” button open the composer in a new tab when it is clicked with a modifier key?

(On a side note, I think it’s totally correct that the “reply” button isn’t a link, as it’s completely contextual, but the “new topic” button could, I think, be a link – semantically at least – as it’s a separate action you’re undertaking. I do, of course, understand why it behaves the way it does in the context of Discourse’s design – so not necessarily suggesting that it be changed!)

Going to the last topic of this type, and then pressing J and then T will open a new topic composer.

The you can select your text, copy, paste into composer, and then make it full screen.


That’s a good workaround, thanks @Falco. I think there’s still some value in looking at opening up the composer in a separate window easily, but I can work with your suggestion for now. :smiley: Thanks!

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