Open new Topic for each Blog-Entry in Wordpress

Hey Guys,
i want to know, if it is possible to write a plugin, which opens up a new topic for every blog entry in my wordpress blog. I want the users to discuss the blog entry inside the forum and not inside the blog comments (these are deactivated). So i would need a script or sth. like that which works like the following:

  1. New blog entry is created, saved and published. In that moment, when it is published
  2. the system has to open up a new topic inside the discourse forum


  • Specifying topic title inside wordpress for the topic which gets opened
  • Showing how many comments already have been made inside that button in the wordpress news.

Is this possible? Can someone write me sth which works like that? If yes, how much is it x)?

This is how the existing wp-discourse plugin works. That’s the entire point of the plugin :wink:

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Jeff… thanks a lot! This is a feature, with which discourse stands apart from many other softwares! Great to hear! :smile: