I want to see Discourse entries in my WP pages

I found an article

But what I am looking for is more the opposite operation.
What I need is more like using Discourse as a blog for WP
or the blog entries are generated from my Discourse.

What I would like is my users work on discourse (they can use their phone to write entries and so on)
and this entries are seen on my WP web as posts.

I want to avoid people have to use WP to create the posts because it is much more easy to tell my users to write on Discourse.
Thanks for any suggestion

Welcome back :slight_smile:

Do you already use WordPress?
If you haven’t set it up and you don’t need WP specific-features, then I’d suggest you to use this News Plugin for Discourse:

If you want Discourse topics shown as articles on WP, there are probably several ways to do that.

You could create a WP plugin that either loads the topic list (append .json at the end of a Discourse page, such as https://meta.discourse.org/latest.json to get the data) or create duplicated posts on WP using a Discourse webhook:

There may be more practical ways to do that; I’m not an expert in this field :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this interresting info.
I am going to have a look to this option this could be useful for a newletter which is something I was also looking for.
But in this case I was looking in an easy way to show articles with some #hashtags
for example I would like to integrate the articles with training keyword and show them into a WP page.
I am surprised nobody has done this before :upside_down_face: