Open the channel list instead of the first channel?


Now on desktop the header chat button opens the first channel by default. (if there is no mentions replies, dms etc… on other channel). I think it would be better if this case the header button opens the channel list just like on mobile or maybe the last viewed channel?

I mean if this setting is empty: chat default channel id or maybe a separate setting to open channel list if there is no activity (mentions, replies, dms etc…) in chat channels?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


We’re planning on changing it so that it opens to whatever channel you were last in soon!


With several chat channels an user will never know what shall be opened then. That can be even more confusing situation. I bet no one remember which channel was the last visited and because of that it will give an image of random acting.

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Yeah I think it maybe better to open the channel list if there is no activity on any channel. Easier to users if they can see the whole channel list and select which one they want to go.