Opening a link in new tab on iPad with Chrome does not load the page

Strange thing. Latest iPadOS 14.4 on iPad Pro. Latest Chrome browser. 4280.77

When I try to open internal Discourse link in new tab or new window it only loads the title of the page but the content is empty.

I see the same behaviour on meta and other Discourse instances. It seems like it is only problem with internal links. Outer links load just fine…

Can anybody confirm it?

Can be possibly bug in Chrome… Safari works well.

Hmm, can you repro this @david?

Also does this happen in Safari @Overgrow ?

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Safari works well, Chrome is my primary browser though… could be a bug of Chrome…

Restarted app, device… usual stuff… no avail. It has persisted for few days on my device so I thought I’d ask if anybody can confirm it.


Can’t repro on iOS Chrome on an iPhone 11.


I can’t repro in iPadOS chrome. Are you able to share a screen recording @Overgrow? Is there anything on your device/network that might be interfering (e.g. ad blocker)? Does it work ok in incognito mode?

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No adblocker or other plugin…

It works well in incognito mode!

Can you try collecting some JS logs? I think it should be possible by visiting chrome://inspect in another tab, then reproducing the issue, then switching back to the inspect tab


INFODiscourse desktop notifications are disabled - not supported by browser

WARNINGjQuery.Deferred exception: Can't find variable: ServiceWorkerRegistration l@ initialize@ _runInitializer@ runInstanceInitializers@ _bootSync@ didBecomeReady@ e@

When I reload the page after, none of the warnings is shown and page loads normally.