Is there any way to use Discourse with Chrome for iPad?

Hello there,

I use Chrome on my iPad Air 5 as my default browser, but Discourse doesn’t seem to work on Chrome for iPad.

Whenever I am trying to post a message or reply to a message, the entire text box disappears because there is no room to display it.

Please see screenshot below.

Is there any way to workaround this issue?

Thank you!

Scroll a bit, flip direction or use << to get smaller window. Such tricks helps quite often. That happends every now and then, even with Safari, and I’m quite sure that, and several other similar issues, are from Apple/iPadOS and can`t be fixed. Ever.

Thanks, @Jagster!

I actually never saw these problems on Safari for iPad, and I used Discourse on Safari/iPad for 6 years.

However, on Chrome, tapping the >> icon seems to solve the problem when replying to messages… thank you for that tip!

However, tapping the >> doesn’t solve the issue when posting new posts.

Do you have any insights on possibly solving this problem for posting new posts?

Thank you!


Oh, I see what the problem is. The Chrome tabs at the top of the screen take up too much vertical space.

When scrolling, the tabs disappear, but it doesn’t allow scrolling when creating a new post. :thinking::thinking:

I wonder if Discourse could workaround this scrolling limitation in some way?