Opening a pre-filled message form no longer works

The magic URLs for creating a pre-filled message don’t work anymore. This is a recent regression.

For example, clicking Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse should open a message to @team (or at least show an error if that’s not possible), but for me, it currently does nothing besides redirecting to /lastest.


Hmm, did we regress here again @sam? This has regressed multiple times now.

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As per: Compose a new pre-filled personal message via URL

The correct URL is: Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse

… and it works as expected.


Uh, weird. I can confirm this works, but unless I’m seriously hallucinating :crazy_face:, group_name also worked before the last beta update. (I had inserted such a URL into a newsletter-like email I sent out, and I always check these links to make sure they work.)

Anyway, thanks for correcting me :slight_smile:


Okay, added on my list to look into this.


I don’t think we ever supported group_name parameter as there is no source code trace for it but I added support for it regardless. Now we support both groupname and group_name parameter, if both are present the priority will be given to groupname.