Opening DigitalOcean server console defaults to configuring Discourse

Hey there, I launched a new Discourse instance last night using DigitalOcean. The admin settings report a critical update is available, I’m currently on v1.9.0.beta1 +57, and 2.0.0.beta2 is available. When I click to update it instructs me to run a command in the server console. So I went to DigitalOcean, signed in, and opened the console for my server. But it INSTANTLY goes to “Configure Discourse” routine, which I have a feeling will wipe my Discourse out if I do that. I need it to just land at a command line to enter in the commands needed to update. Am I missing something?

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Yeah that happened to me too, it’s very annoying. After logging in, press CTRL+C to stop this process. You can then do your thing.

To stop the configurator from launching again when you log in, edit the .bashrc file; if I remember correctly you need to delete the last line to stop the configurator.


That did it. Thanks kindly