Opera GX causing issues with Discourse

Hey, so I have been using Discourse myself for a while, and ever since around half a year ago, I’ve been getting a consistent error on any Discourse installation, be it my own, this one, or a different one.

The site locks down and I get the following console error:

This issue is easily “solved” by Ctrl + F5 refreshing the page, and then allows regular browsing, but as soon as I reload it normally, by opening it again at a later time, the bug repeats. I’ve no idea why this is happening, but today I finally decided to ask, and see if someone else has it.

The issue only happens on Opera GX, to my knowledge.


Can you share the URL of the script blocked by CSP in Opera here on Meta?

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You know what, I’ve fiddled with my extensions, and it turns out that’s what was causing it. Likely should have done that beforehand. The extension causing the issue was one Auto Quality for YouTube, curiously it only causes issues on Discourse, maybe because of how video embeds work? Anyhow, this issue is resolved for me.


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