Issues Using Every Discourse Site on Chrome

Hey there, I have noticed that every single Discourse using community I have encountered does not let me navigate it on Chrome and I thought I’d ask here because this is getting annoying.

There are two things that are blocking it. Firstly, there’s a preloader image that makes it impossible to click anything and I have to either delete it using DevTools or block it with uBlock

<img class="preloader-image" src="" alt="Discourse Meta">

Secondly, there is CSS that removes the ability to scroll vertically. I have to remove the entry with DevTools:

                html {
                    overflow-y: hidden !important;

                /* user picked a theme where the "regular" scheme is dark */
                /* user picked a theme a light scheme and also enabled a dark scheme */
                /* deal with light scheme first */
                @media (prefers-color-scheme: light) {
                    html {
                        background-color: #ffffff;

                    #d-splash .preloader-text-wrapper {
                        color: #222222;

This only seems to be an issue in Chrome, but the CSS is there in other browsers.


Wow, that’s very odd. I can’t say I can repro it.

Just to make sure: have you tried it in incognito mode/with all extensions disabled and are you on the lastest version of chrome?

Just want to make sure we eliminate those cases first.


That means that the Discourse app won’t boot on your browser. Can you try again in incognito mode?

Last time someone reported this exact problem, it was caused by a bad browser extension


It was ‘Auto Quality for YouTube’ which seems to have been updated recently and is now Malware.

Disabling it or removing it fixes the issue, thanks.


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