Optimal image size for a category heading

Hi, all :slight_smile:

I am designing a new topic and I want to use an image for the header of the category. There are two questions to this…

  1. I’d like to include the name of the category in the image, this would mean that I don’t want anything in the title of the category - is that possible or is not possible?

  2. What is the best image size (pixels) to use in the category image header?

Cheers :slight_smile:

This is what I mean as in the title in the image…

I use 550px x 350px for a category that uses a description to the right of it. So I would say 1024 x 350 or so will give you more of a banner type image for the category, otherwise stick with my 550 x 350 for a nice small left aligned and quick loading image.