Option for custom "Guidelines" URL (not FAQ)?

(Brendan Schlagel) #1

Would it be possible to have a custom “guidelines url”, the same way there’s an option for “tos url”, “privacy policy url”, and “faq url”?

Asking b/c I got confused about this today :sweat_smile: I just realized I’d set the link to our custom forum guidelines as the “faq url” and somehow missed or forgot that this doesn’t replace the existing link, but rather adds another and renames “faq” to “guidelines”.

So I saw we ended up with “Guidelines” which links to /guidelines and “FAQ” which links to a custom guidelines page on our main WordPress site. This is by accident as we don’t really need separate pages for “Guidelines” and “FAQ”; I’d rather just have one external custom guidelines page and then never link anyone to those static pages within Discourse. (So any customizable text that currently links to /guidelines would link to the custom guidelines url as well.)

Is there a reason the /guidelines page must be a page internal to Discourse? To me at least it seems logical for this page to work similarly to the customizable TOS / privacy pages, then all of them could live at custom links on our main site.

If that’s unworkable I’d suggest some clarification in the settings that adding a custom “faq url” is not for custom guidelines but only an additional thing (and the actual guidelines url is not customizable) as right now seems that isn’t really indicated anywhere.