FAQ vs Rules/Guidelines


IMO, Discourse linking /faq and /guidelines to the same address is misleading.
The default FAQ/Guidelines post is actually Forum Rules and Guidelines, not a FAQ.

  • Forum Guidelines is a mandatory, legal document, answering a question:
    What will get me banned?
  • FAQ is an informative document, answering a question like:
    How can I switch to a dark theme?

I tried editing site_settings.faq_url, doesn’t seem to do anything.

(Simon Cossar) #2

It should be set as the full URL to a FAQ page that is on another website. If you do that, clicking the FAQ link on the About page should take users to the external site.


do you mean the FAQ tab, which I already renamed to “Guidelines”?


(Simon Cossar) #4

Yes, that’s the one.


oh, I see. I’d like to keep Guidelines where they are, with TOS and Privacy, but thanks anyway.
I hoped there was a way for /guidelines and /faq to point to two different destinations.

(Kane York) #6

Setting faq_url does exactly that, and it can be a topic on Discourse, doesn’t have to be a different site.


You are correct, however when I point faq_url to a topic on Discourse, the link /faq will take me directly to that topic, instead of displaying its contents on a FAQ page (like it does with Guidelines, TOS and Privacy).

I opened a new topic on this. Default FAQ page