Default FAQ page

Shouldn’t the default /faq lead to a separate FAQ page (displaying a dedicated post from the Staff Category) instead of pointing to the same Guidelines page?
If I link “Settings/FAQ Url” to a specific post url in the Staff Category, Discourse creates another tab on the About|Guidelines|FAQ|TOS|Privacy page. When I click on the FAQ tab it will get me directly to its source post (assuming I have sufficient permissions to view it), instead of displaying a FAQ page.

Also, it would be great if the About page displayed a dedicated Staff Category post instead of just the meta tag description from the settings.

Clicking on any of the five tabs should produce consistent results.


I am running up against this as well. If you are on the TOS there are links to ‘Security’ and ‘Community Guidelines’ which goes straight to the FAQ. Which makes sense only in that the current FAQ really has content that is actually a Community Guideline, not an FAQ. I would appreciate having both. A FAQ that included specific site info on how to use tools and features would be useful.

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