Option to apply different colour palette to restricted topics

Today in a Discourse instance I am member of I wrote a restricted topic. Later on I linked to it from a public topic on the same instance because I did not realised the difference.

Now I am aware of the :lock: emoji attached to restricted topics. But I was wondering whether it would be a good idea to encourage to apply another colour palette to restricted topics so that sighted people could recognise the cue.

I have read topics here (Native theme support, Letting users select different themes, Structure of themes and theme components - not linked because new accounts are often times restricted).

We applied an instance-wide CSS on top of the base as a bandaid solution. I am going to use Stylus (instead of Stylish, see Opt-out of Stylish Extension Tracking or Major Stylish add-on changes in regards to privacy for a more technical view) for fine-tuning.

This feature request is to collect feedback from other instances to see whether it is something that is special to us or should be supported / encouraged more widely by Discourse.

Welcome, André :blob_wave:

Can you elaborate on this? Do you mean you wrote a topic in a category that itself has group restrictions?

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FWIW, currently if you grab a link from the share options (clicking on a post’s timestamp, or using the share :link: icons in a post’s menu or from the bottom of a topic) you get a reminder that not everyone will be able to view the topic:

I think there are more options on desktop for this as the browser steals the Discourse share modal and swops it out for its own on mobile.

I had a conversation with our Discourse instance admin about it.
I was informed that „locked topic” is referring to one, in which no more replies are possible. This is not what I was referring to.

Instead it appears the thing is called category (so confusing to have both when creating a new thread). My apologies.

So I create a thread in a category with restricted view access. It is not publicly visible but instead requires a profile to be assigned to a group.

The custom CSS is then hooked on .read_restricted.

Does this makes things clearer?

I’m not referring to grab a share post, but to the post preview (in a laptop view this is next to the editor you are typing in).

If you drop certain links there it will generate a preview.

My expectation would be that I get a hint that a link to a post on the same instance might be restricted (should be known at the time of resolution). This would lower the mental load I have to hold when writing a new post.

Instead, my original post was about writing a restricted message (as defined in my previous post here) and then reference it on a public category.

The „danger“ here is leaking information about restricted parts of the Discourse that must not be known to everyone.