Option to create categories for Topic Replies

(Chetan Jain) #1

Is it possible to categorize replies within a forum Topic. For Example I’ve created a topic related to a Book that is newly published. Now i want to categorize all the replies to the topic like About the Author, About the Content, About Errors. So the user select the any of the above category for his reply and others have a checklist buttons in the topic to view only specific category replies like replies only About the Author etc.

I don’t know if this already in place or what efforts are required to have something like this integrated into Discourse.

Chetan Jain.

(Pad Pors) #2

in the case you only want to categorize replies in one topic, so that people find them easily; a simple trick would be to use hashtag+word as the and the “search inside the topic” option .

when a reply is in the category “about the author”, I need to tag it as #about the author, then if one uses the search option he will get something like this:

of course you can make a simple drop down filter so that it’d be easy for people to do the search.