Option to disable "likes" on official moderation posts?

When a moderator posts an official moderation post (with the full highlighted-box formatting), that post still allows “likes” on it. Such a post tends to be required in an already unpleasant situation, and while the moderation post addresses the source of a problem, that doesn’t necessarily result in instant de-escalation. (This is particularly true if a community makes use of gradual moderation, rather than jumping directly to bans.) As such, having many people “like” such a post can seem like piling on, and may prove counterproductive. (And conversely, a moderator who also typically participates in the forum as a normal user may not wish to have their “most liked” posts filled primarily with moderation posts.)

I’d like to request an option (perhaps even enabled by default) that disables likes specifically on official moderation posts.


Maybe easiest to just hide likes on official posts with CSS?